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adD m3. .my farm nicknam3
22 hours ago Like
Please fix why i can only see my friends list, rarely can get past the first page, i messaged support about the ads that cause issues on happy farm, cant see a of page, the bottom row so i cant do friend plant requests.
Aug 25, 2014 Like
ffs check my pic ,my crew days I'm unable to change sum ppl still ask me if they can join charly angels ,hf I honestly think u need let us fix that I've aged in those years:lol I wud like a recent photo up not 4yr old wan
Aug 22, 2014 Like
Js bought coins n they aint added y not?
Aug 17, 2014 Like
Mz zales, you cant remove it or change it. Whatever pic u had up on ur profile when u opened happyfarm for the very first time will be ur pic on happyfarm forever
Aug 13, 2014 Like
no_photo 5 20
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