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Grow beautiful crops on your very own farm!

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The Easter Sale Begins today! Get discounts on Easter Seeds, Wands and 2x Exp Cards today and tomorrow!!!
Apr 15, 2014 Like 1 Comment 4 Likes
I want chocolate eggs , atleast once in 29 harvests of white egg :|
Apr 13, 2014 Like
Thank you for taking care of my problem so quickly! As always you remain AWESOME!!
Apr 13, 2014 Like
hey,what's the deal?where's my eggs?
Apr 11, 2014 Like
Happychap what's the score with no seed for non event players no egg tree for ones who don't care for these events I'm so bored I've not played due to lack of giftseeds
Apr 9, 2014 Like
no_photo 5 20
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