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Sexual Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
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Mr.Happy when will we have another double exp day?? Seems like it's been over a year since we had one. (3
49 mins ago Like
Still waiting on missing jakes i won 3 total and 1 red rose
Apr 23, 2014 Like
The Easter Sale Begins today! Get discounts on Easter Seeds, Wands and 2x Exp Cards today and tomorrow!!!
Apr 15, 2014 Like 1 Comment 4 Likes
I want chocolate eggs , atleast once in 29 harvests of white egg :|
Apr 13, 2014 Like
Thank you for taking care of my problem so quickly! As always you remain AWESOME!!
Apr 13, 2014 Like
no_photo 5 20
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